Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

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Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack – Cheat 5000 Gems and 100000 Coins

Hungry Shark Evolution is another interesting game from the most popular Hungry Shark series. In this game, the main motive of your sharks is to eat as many sea creatures and people that it can, so that you can earn several points and Coins, you can also just use Hungry Shark Evolution Hack. The game goal is to unlock numerous sharks by completing missions and evolve them so that they get powerful. Overall, it is an engrossing and addictive online game that can keep you hooked to your screens.

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Try

In-Game Currencies:


Coins, also known as Gold are the primary currency of the game. You can earn them by watching video ads or can be purchased by spending real money, or by trying out Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats. You can spend Coins for purchasing accessories for sharks and for unlocking them. Earning Coins is much easier as compared to Gems. Some of the ways to earn Coins are mentioned below:

  • By eating golden creatures available in the game, you can earn Coins. In the beginning, the number of Coins earned will be less. However, as you keep eating them, the quantity of Coins earned keeps increasing.
  • When you eat an entire school of fish, you earn Coins.
  • In the game shop, there is an icon of a plush top. If you click the icon and view it, you will be rewarded with 250 Coins.
  • Daily bonuses will reward you with varying amount of Coins. These bonuses are available only once in a day.
  • By using tools such as Hungry Shark Evolution Hack 2020.
  • Coins can be purchased by spending real money and by completing missions.


Gems are the premium currency of the game. They can be used for unlocking powerful sharks, baby sharks, items, and accessories. With Gems, you can even revive your sharks. To purchase Maps, you will require Gems. Earning them is a bit difficult as compared to Coins. Here are some ways to earn Gems in the game:

  • By eating small as well as big planes. However, finding a plane is pretty rare.
  • When you watch an advertisement which is of approximately 30 seconds, it will let you earn one Gem.
  • By destroying small fishing boats, you will earn one Gem.
  • At some occasions, when you eat a Paraglider, you can earn one Gem. However, catching hold of a Paraglider is very difficult and can be done only when you have a Jetpack.
  • By eating Harpoon Boats, you may earn Gems at some occasions.
  • When you eat a Gemfish, you can earn one Gem and restore your Energy by 200 Health Points.
  • Using Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats is by far the easiest way.
  • You can earn Gems through daily Bonuses, which will let you earn 5 Gems on the 5th consecutive day that you receive the bonus.
  • Visit the social media site like Facebook, like the game, and earn 5 Gems.
  • An easiest way is to purchase Gems by spending real money.

Gold Rush:

These are player-triggered events, which will make your shark invincible for a short time. Also, it will turn all live enemies into golden creatures that will yield Coins. In the beginning, this event occurs when you earn a certain amount of points in the game. Later on, the Gold Rush will occur as soon as the golden meter is filled. For instance, the Reef Shark has a Gold Rush at every 2,500 points and Hammerhead Shark has a Gold Rush at every 10,000 points.

Daily Bonus:

It is a chest that rewards you with Coins and Gems when you visit it once in a day. The rewards that you earn becomes better and better until you reach five consecutive days. This is when the cycle will reset and you will again start earning the first reward. It is better to earn Daily Rewards every day in the beginning of the game. However, as you reach new stages of the game, these rewards will become less important as well as less valuable.

Vital Items Of The Game


It is a special and useful accessory that enables the shark to fly above the surface of the water and into the sky. You can unlock the Jetpack after completing 50 missions or spending 900 Gems in the game. If you are using Gems then the Jetpack can be equipped from the accessory shop. With the help of this accessory, the shark can catch elevated prey such as Helicopters, Enemy Flying Great White Sharks, Bi-Planes, Weather Balloons, etc. However, this accessory allows the shark to fly at a limited height, although it is sufficient enough to catch all its prey.

Laser Beam

This accessory has the ability to stun prey. To unlock the Laser Beam, you will require 75,000 Coins or complete 50 missions. Once unlocked, it can be equipped by any shark in the Heat Shot. The accessory can automatically fire laser beams at the prey. The fire shots can stun the prey, paralyze them, and make them emit a red colored glow for few seconds. It is a very useful accessory as it makes it easier to catch the prey.

Baseball Cap

This accessory can be bought from the accessory shop by spending 250 Coins. The cap can be worn on the head of your shark. It is the cheapest item available in the game. It grants 5% point bonus when a creature is eaten by the shark. However, if a particular creature yields points that cannot have an exact 5% bonus added it, then instead you will receive an extra bonus point.

Punk Wig

It is an accessory that increases the duration of any Gold rushes that occur whilst it is worn for two seconds. You can purchase the accessory by spending 1,000 Coins. When the Punk Wig is connected with other accessories like Diamond Ring and Trials Baby the duration of the bonus Gold rush increases considerably.

Here Are Some Effective Tips That You Should Follow:

  • If you come across a bigger fish then the easiest and safest way to attack it is from behind. This will let you avoid their deadly teeth.
  • Always keep a track of which creatures your shark can eat so that you do not end up losing health by attacking enemies unnecessarily.
  • Try to earn as many Coins and Gems as you can by using various methods in the game.
  • Explore the map properly so that you know where the potential areas are located.
  • If you are unable to identify whether your shark can eat the creature or not, then it is necessary to look out for spikes on the creature. Anything with spikes is dangerous, so stay away from it!
  • By tapping on the shark, you will be able to boost your sharks, which will let you reach greater heights and defeat submarines.
  • Don’t wait or waste your time simply try on the Hungry Shark Evolution Hack 2020 and get currency easily.
  • When your shark eats a golden fish and golden people, you will be able to earn more Coins. So, you should always aim for them and focus your energy on eating them rather than having regular fishes.
  • In the first few stages of the game, daily rewards will be very helpful, so acquire them without fail. It will aid you to reach new levels of the game.

To conclude, Hungry Shark Evolution is an entertaining game in which you need to eat as much as you can for growing. The game has earned 4.5 stars out of 5 on the rating chart. So, you must give this game a shot as well as our Hungry Shark Evolution hack!


Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Try

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Amanda · October 9, 2019 at 8:26 am

I started playing this game because I earned points toward gift cards. I love the game now but just cant get very far because I dont have enough currency. This hack helps a lot and its so fun now

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